‘Will n’ Rose’s’ at the Farmers Market

One of my favorite stops at the Derry Winter Farmers Market is Will n’ Rose’s. The reason? I love their Kizlix Grain-ola.

Now personally I am not a huge fan of commercial granola. It seems good in theory, rolled oats, dried fruit, nuts… but glued together into rock sized pieces with something sweet and then somehow dried out. That’s good if your looking for something crunchy while waiting out a monsoon.

Kizlix Grain-ola is all natural, extremely fresh, and fabulously interesting. I tried one called Strength, not because of the name but because of the ginger.  Yes!  Ginger! …carrot, pear, cinnamon, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, organic oats and oat bran.  And, it was delicious, as in the kind of thing you hide and don’t share with anybody… except under close supervision.

There are five varieties of Kizlix Grain-ola and I plan to try Vitality next… “An energizing blend of organic oats, oat bran, & protein full soaked quinoa with vitamin E rich sunflower seeds, crunchy soynuts, tropical coconut, sun-infused apricots and a zing of lemon.  Wake up & let your  sun shine in!”

I can’t wait until Derry Winter Farmers Market, this Sunday January 16 from 12-4pm.