What Will Happen to Adams Pond?

There will be an informational meeting this Thursday at 7 pm, 3rd floor of the Municipal bldg. regarding the Adams Pond Dam. The owner of the Dam is proposing to remove 6 stop logs (4 feet) from the dam beginning on October 8.

What’s 4 feet?  A minor inconvenience or a major life change for many… animals, birds, turtles, people.

Questions I have:
1. What impact will this have on Beaver Lake? Adams Pond runs into Manter Brook              which in turn feeds Beaver Lake.
a. How will this impact the Pond Rd Dam removal?
b. Will the Beaver Meadows Dam be opened sooner?

2. What impact will this have on habitat above and below Adams Pond? There is a large         wetlands habitat above the pond.

3. What are the potential long term effects of reducing the size of Adams pond.  My                 understanding is the pond will be reduced in area, possibly dry up?

If you have questions, please attend this meeting.