The Great Sunflower Project

The world’s largest citizen science project focused on pollinator conservation.

Go Green Derry and the Derry Garden Club have joined forces to participate in the Great Sunflower Project.  This project is a citizen science project on the conservation of pollinators.  Basically that means we are Garden Leaders and plan to plant at least three gardens in the community with special sunflowers.  Once they bloom, we will then go out to count the number of bees that visit the sunflowers and submit that data.  The data we collect goes to a group of scientists who analyze all the numbers and times across the country and make meaningful conclusions based upon it.

Now that the bee counting season is over, we were told by the Great Sunflower Project that we were the second-place Garden Group with 23 observations sent in!!! YEAH!  Next year, we hope to get more bee counts!  Look for the information next Spring when we start our seedlings on Earth Day!

Thank you to all the kiddos at the Boys and Girls Club who counted and of course, the Derry Garden Club for maintaining that garden as well as the Sunflower Garden in the Community Gardens at Broadview Farm.