The Food Recovery Challenge

America Recycles Day has just past and many shared great ideas about recycling.  But the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge caught my eye. I always considered food biodegradable and therefore sustainable; and food waste reminded me of childhood admonishments about eating your vegetables because there are kids starving elsewhere. Well, I was shocked to find out how much food we waste, 35 million tons in 2010 according to the EPA. More importantly how this much food waste decomposing in landfills adds to our greenhouse gas problems.

Listen to the EPA’s podcast and then visit the website to find out more about how you can help reduce food waste.

Food Recovery Challenge – Podcast

Food Recovery Challenge – website

As you prepare for Thanksgiving please consider your food impact.


  1. This is a great subject that I think we all need to focus on! We often talk about diverting plastics and metals from our solid waste stream, but we should include food scraps as well!