The Dirt on Dirt!

The past few days have not been spring-like or even resembling summer at all.  But there are a lot of critters beginning to emerge and doing their spring work.  Especially those in the soil that break down leaf litter and turn it into black gold – fertile soil.  For those of us that live above the soil, we fertilize our lawns and gardens to give the seedlings a burst of nutrients.  Others have found that recycling our food scraps into compost works just as well and has the added benefit of reducing our municipal solid waste.

According to the U.S. EPA, we generate 4.38 pounds of municipal solid waste (a.k.a. garbage that goes to the landfill or incinerator) per DAY!  In 2012, we diverted (through composting and recycling) 1.48 pounds of that leaving only 2.9 pounds per day to go to the landfill/incinerators.  What does that mean for Derry?  If we divert (recycle or compost) some of our garbage, we reduce the amount that the town has to pay for a company to haul off our garbage.

I never thought that I produced that much solid waste, but after seeing the amount of garbage versus recycling and composting that we do as a household, I have to say that it really does make a difference!  Based upon EPA data, 28% of our garbage is food scraps and yard trimmings – why not turn that into valuable compost for our own property?

Go Green Derry and the Energy and Environmental Advisory Committee of Derry will be hosting a Composting Workshop this Saturday, May 31st at the Community Gardens at Broadview Farm on Young Road, 9 AM.  Please join us to learn about how you can divert food scraps from our municipal solid waste stream, help out Derry’s bottom line,  AND make wonderful compost for your lawn and garden!