Thanks for the Blue Bag Clean-Up!!!

So our numbers are up to 54 bags not including what community members brought into the Transfer Station or called into Public Works on their own.  That is quite impressive, and we still have the Knights of Columbus Clean-Up event in November to look forward to!  I noticed that there were fewer odd items at places where I picked up this year, but still way too many glass, plastic, and aluminum drink containers.

As we work our way toward Novermber and America Recycles Day (November 15th), lets encourage everyone we know to recycle these items.  Keeping them off the roadsides helps keep Derry beautiful.  Keeping them out of the trash (and therefore the landfill and incinerators) helps keep costs down at the Transfer Station.  We pay a lot to have our trash hauled out of Derry.  We pay LESS for the recycleables to be hauled out.  It just makes sense to divert these items out of our trash and into the recycling bin!

Thank you all to helped out this week to bring out Derry’s Inner Beauty!  And a special thanks to the kiddos of the Derry Mom’s Club for their efforts as well (as seen in this photo here!).