Thank you to all!

As I drive around Derry this week, I am pleased to see so many blue bags filled.  I know that sounds strange (happy to see garbage), but really, it means that Derry is just a bit nicer to view along the roadside.  Among the few places I did pick up, I stopped at a location that I pass everyday to quickly pick up the garbage because I’m tired of looking at it.  Imagine what visitors see?  So the sight of all those blue bags means we’ve “vacuumed” up our community, got rid of the debris, and have a nicer town to live in and drive through.  Click on the Community Clean-Up Events to see the groups who participated and how many bags they picked up.  There are a few photos as well.

So a BIG THANK YOU to all who braved the side of the roads so far and many THANKS to those who clean up the roadsides on a regular basis.