Talkin’ Trash

As we spend this holiday weekend with family and friends, lets also remember to celebrate all the life that is budding around!  New Hampshire is a beautiful state with over 80% of it covered in trees.  We’ve bid farewell to the maple sugar season and are welcoming the blossoms of the forsithia bushes.  There is beauty blooming, but when we venture outside, we can see that the beauty of our landscape needs our help.  For whatever reason, trash always finds its way onto the sides of our roads, at the base of the trees, and entangled in invasive vines.  It detracts from the majesty of our tall arbors and sends a different message to those visiting Derry and wanting to shop in our town.

So why not gather a group of your neighbors and form a “trash team”?  Our Derry clean up event is gearing up to be a success.  We have had a lot of groups verbally commit to cleaning up areas aroung town and many have already officially signed up.  Please join us and help us show others what a great community Derry is!