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Welcome April!

So April has arrived and as we are all doing our spring cleaning rituals of seeding our lawns and preparing our  flower and vegetable gardens, we should begin thinking about what we can do for our larger environment.  April is also the month in which we celebrate Earth Day and there are many events local and worldwide which we can choose to participate in.  Go Green is hosting one particular event called the Derry Earth Week Clean Up (see our tab on it) which will be held from April 14th to the 21st (Earth Day is April 22nd).

We are asking community groups to sign up and pledge to clean up an area or road in Derry. Using Blue Bags, that can be picked up at the Derry Transfer Station.  Participating groups are asked to email me, to let me know what their plans are and on what date.  Then email me again after they finish their clean up to let me know how many bags they collected and to upload any photos from their event that they want us to show on the website!  We are very excited about this as we already have a few girl scout and boy scout troops signed up as well as some community groups, too!  Cleaning up our roadsides not only makes Derry a beautiful town to drive through, but it also aids in our water quality and wildlife health.  So this month, I will be blogging about how we can change our impact in ways that are meaningful and effective for both ourselves and our planet.  Please start with us by pledging to help clean up Derry and its natural resources.  Happy April everyone!

Scout Cleans-up Graffiti at Broadview

Ben Neibla from Troop 405 stepped up when the call from the Derry Conservation Commission went out to paint the sign at Broadview Farm. In addition to the sign being marred by graffiti, the paint had started to peel and it was due for a fresh coat.

Ben’s quick response earned him the last bit of service time that he needed to make it to the next rank in Boy Scouts.

Ben will soon be honored with his Life Scout Rank and can begin considering his Eagle Project.  Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations Ben.

If there are other Boy Scouts looking for service time, the Derry Conservation Commission always has a list of projects just waiting to be done, and there is more paint too.