Successful Invasive Removal at Shepard!

I would like to extend a big thank you to all who came out on Saturday to help the Derry Conservation Commission remove invasive plants at Shepard Conservation Area.  It was a busy day in town with the Hazardous Waste Drop Off at West Running Brook, Derry Garden Club plant sale, Derry Public Library fairy house building, Heritage Day at First Parish Church, and so many residents out enjoying the beautiful weather!  Those of you who attended our invasive removal day got a good workout if not a good laugh at the “lightsaber” approach to erradicating unwanted plantlife by my son!  The coffee was great and I think I found a new nemesis, Multiflora Rose, who stuck and scratched me while I pulled the garlic mustard.  I admit, I chose the garlic mustard area as it seemed to be the least work and I could watch the kids at the same time, but that Multiflora Rose lost the battle as we pulled it out as well.  Whew!  Our work is not done, though, as we will be holding a few more removal events at Shepard CA this summer to assist with the habitat restoration.

So until then,  how about a fun walk in the fields and woods at Broadview Farm?  Our first Conservation Summer Walk event will be this coming Saturday, May 26, at 8AM.  Please come join us as we take a guided walk through the trails and ask our very own docent, Paul Dione, anything and everything you want to know – from the resident Bobolinks to the identity of trees and plants along the way.  We will have water and coffee available.  Kids and dog-friendly pets are welcome, lightsabers optional.