Stonyfield 5K helps Beautify Londonderry

Stonyfield Yogurt will be sponsoring a 5K Race in conjunction with an Earth Day Fair at their Londonderry Facility to Kick off Beautify Londonderry’s month long clean-up/spruce-up event.  Londonderry will start their clean-up on Saturday and April 23.  Town resources and volunteers will come together for the next 4 weekends to pick-up trash, plant and mulch and show their pride in their town; with efforts ending on May 22nd.

Go Green Derry will be following Londonderry’s lead by starting a first ever week-long  town-wide clean-up. Starting April 16 and ending on April 23rd. We have already had a number of local groups step up and volunteer to cleaning up a section of town and we will have more details to share on this event soon.

If you have the time, volunteer to help beautify your town, pat yourself on the back and head over to Stonyfield to enjoy the Earth Day Fair. Thank-you Londonderry for leading the way.


  1. I am very happy to see that Go Green Derry will be doing a week long town-wide clean-up in Derry. As a volunteer for Beautify Londonderry Program, your program is an excellent opportunity for residents to get outside after a long snowy winter, meet your neighbors, and spruce up sections of town. Great job and we wish you all the best success in next few weeks.