Spring Peepers and Blue Bags.

Just last night on my way home from the Go Green Meeting, I heard the familiar call of the spring peeper frog!   This native frog is one of the first to come out of hibernation and males begin the ritual of singing for a mate (or high pitched peeps and shrills) near vernal pools and ponds on warm nights.

It is that kind of springtime sound that keeps the kids and I outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer to our senses!  This week, we will be hitting the roadsides to help bring out the natural beauty of Derry and keep those “peeper ponds” clear of debris.   Blue bags are available at the Derry Transfer Station.  Choose an area to clean-up, leave the full bag there, and call Public Works to let them know where you cleaned.

The peepers and all of us thank you!

spring peeper


  1. 4/12/14 As a Land Steward, I am pleased to be able to report that the trails on the Grinnell property are open. No fallen trees or branches this year.

    Mary Till

  2. I was able to get out on this wonderful Saturday to walk the trails on the Frost Farm and the Grinnell Property. Along the way, I picked up discarded trash. I am pleased to say that I walk this area frequently and am always proud to notice that there is very little trash. After the winter thaw, I was only able to find 1/2 plastic grocery bag full of stuff. My reward — the peepers were out in full chorus. It was a wonderful chore.

    Mary Till