Small Business Saturday

AMEX_Shop_Small_Street_RGB_SOLID_LogoFirst there was Black Friday, where large retailers promote sales to bring shoppers through their doors on what has become known as the busiest shopping day of the year. Then online stores decided they could get in on the action with Cyber Monday. But in 2010 American Express started promoting another type of shopping day, Small Business Saturday; placing this day of shopping locally right in between the other two.  Derry however, has always celebrated local businesses and organizations through the Chamber of Commerce’s Holiday Parade on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

But let me give you a few more reasons to shop locally this holiday season.  First, not traveling as far to get to that mall or box store reduces your carbon foot print. If you can buy it locally instead of online you save even more, online retailers have a huge environmental impact, not only shipping your item but packaging it also. And finally, shopping local is a sustainable way to keep your community vibrant.

Happy shopping!