Rigid Plastics Now Accepted at the Transfer Station

Mike Fowler, Director of Public Works announced in an August 25th press release that the Town of Derry is now accepting Rigid Plastics and Cooking Oil.  Derry residents are encouraged to recycle what they can no longer use. Not only is this practice good for the environment but the Transfer Station actually returns revenue to the town through its’ recycling program. The more residents do their part the better it is for the towns bottom line.

Recycling Rigid Plastics is a huge opportunity to save the town money by reducing weight/cost  associated with hauling garbage from the Transfer Station.

So, What Are Rigid Plastics?

Sometimes called Bulky Rigid Plastics, these items are typified by being large, hard plastic items that don’t carry a #1-7 recycling label.

The following is a list of items considered to be Rigid Plastic:

  • 1–5 gallon buckets
  • Milk/soda crates and laundry baskets
  • Plastic lawn furniture
  • Plastic toys and playhouses
  • Plastic pet carriers and plastic shelving
  • Clean plastic flower pots
  • Plastic trash cans & recycling buckets
  • Plastic coolers and clean plastic drums
  • Automotive plastics (such as plastic bed liners and bumpers)
  • 5 gallon water bottles
  • Plastic hangars
  • 5 gallon and larger plastic tubs from pool supplies

Please enquire at the attendants booth for where to drop off your Rigid Plastics.