The Town of Derry Recycles

The Derry Transfer Station recycles a lot of items these days!  Cardboard goes into a fenced area while paper/paperboard (eg: cereal boxes) go into a trailer.  It is suggested that the paper and paperboard is put into paper bags or small non cardboard boxes to contain the paper.   Derry is now sorting out aluminum cans in a new bin next to the cardboard!  Tin cans (soup and other food item cans) are not aluminum and should be comingled with plastic and glass at this time.  Derry pays to have these commingled recyclables (plastics 1 – 7, tin, glass) hauled to a facility that in turn sorts and recycles these items.  Click here for more information on what can be recycled at the Derry Transfer Station.

Other Resources for Recycling

Below is a list of other nearby resources for recycling.

Business Location Website Telephone Products Recycled/Made
Conigliaro Industries
701 Waverly St., Fraqmingham, MA
Recycles 150 products; Styrafoam; makes Plas-Crete Wall Blocks, Tumbled Glass Aggregates, Polycorn (packing peanuts from recycled poystyrene foam), mulch.
Evolve Technologies
7 Industrial Way, #2, Salem, NH
E-Scrap; U-Waste; Film Recycling; Silver Recovery; Refining; Air Quality
Habitat for Humanity ReStore
15 Fourth St., Dover, NH
www.senhhabitat .org
Encourages builders, contractors, businesses and individuals to donate new or-reusable materials. Donations tax deductible; will pick up items prearranged in garage or driveway. May purchase items from Restore as well–donations go to Habitat for Humanity.
Monarch Technology Solutions 22 Manchester Road Derry, NH 03038
recycles ink cartridges, old printers
LL&S Recycling
87 Lowell Road, Salem, NH
Treated-untreated wood; asphalt shingles, concrete & brick; metal; insulation; wire; glass; carpet; cardboard; corrugated container board; plastics-residual plastic); washers, dryers, refrigerators
Runner’s Alley
36 Hanover St. Manchester NH
Recycles tennis shoes