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Quarrybrook’s Open House, Something for the Whole Family

Come learn about the new Outdoor Education Center in Windham.


How to Save Energy in the Home

Seminar to be held twice at Marion Gerrish Community Center

heatlossThe Derry Energy & Environmental Advisory Committee will be sponsoring two free seminars on how to save energy in the home at the Marion Gerrish Community Center in Derry, NH. The first workshop will be on Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 10:00 am to noon, and the second will be on Wednesday, November 12th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Participants will learn about simple and inexpensive home improvement projects that will save energy, save money and make you more comfortable year-round.

This first seminar will be presented by Tom Minnon, who has over 35 years of experience in energy conservation and renewable energy. The second seminar will be given by Button Up expert, Andy Duncan, from Lakes Region Community College. “Most homeowners can do several inexpensive things to save energy and money on their heating and hot water bills” says Minnon. “Up to 30% of a home’s heat loss is due to air infiltration. We’ll show homeowners how to identify those areas where infiltration is occurring and how to seal them”.

Windows are a major source of heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Even the most energy efficient windows only have an insulating value equal to about 1” of fiberglass insulation. Applying energy saving films, adding the proper storm windows, weatherstripping and using the right drapes and blinds can have a significant impact on energy use and human comfort. This seminar will show homeowners how to improve their existing windows and what to look for in buying new windows.

Most homes’ attic insulation is way below recommended levels. Here in Southern NH, attic insulation should have an R-Value of 50 or more. That’s equivalent to about 16” of fiberglass insulation. If your home has less than that, this seminar will show you how to efficiently and effectively bring it up to standard. Minnon adds, “Just as important to adding insulation in the attic is making sure that the attic has proper ventilation. Improper or ineffective ventilation can result in mold growth in the attic and ice dams during winter”

A major source of energy use in the home is heating hot water. Adding insulation to an electric water heater, insulating hot water pipes and installing a timer can reduce the cost of heating hot water. Minnon will also show participants how to make a simple solar hot water heater that is very effective during the warmer months, resulting in savings of up to 50%.

The Marion Gerrish Community Center is located at 39 West Broadway, Derry. Prior registration is not required.

Tom Minnon

Town-Wide Cleanup Schedule Set

October 18 – 25

the christmas lights and toaster oven!

Mark your calendar and organize your group to participate in Derry’s fall roadside cleanup. A group can consist of an organization that you belong to, your neighborhood or your family. If everyone gets out to do a little bit our town will sparkle, making the fall season just a little brighter and Derry a town that we can all be proud of.

What you need to do for your cleanup event:

  1. Organize your group and pick a day. Share your plans for the day and the location with Go Green Derry

  2. Visit the Derry Transfer Station office to pick-up some blue trash bags. Public Works will only collect the Blue Bags.
  3. When you are done, call Public Works at 603-432-6144 and let them know the location of the full blue trash bags – there is no need to bring them to the transfer station!

  4. Let us know how many bags of trash you collected and we will post the results on our website!

I personally thank you for helping keep Derry look its best!  If you can’t find the time or group to help pick up the roadsides, please wave and thank those that you see – let’s show our appreciation no matter how we can pitch in!

Of course, remember to wear gloves and bright colored clothing if you are able to clean up a roadside.  Safety first!