Our next meeting…

Our next meeting will be Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00 pm at the Derry Municipal Center.  On our agenda is the topic of our Snowshoeing Event at Broadview Farm for February 18th!  I hope for snow, but I also hope that we have a lot of our Derry Go Green-ers come out to enjoy the morning at Broadview Farm even if the lack of snow means we take a fun hike together.

We also completed our display at the Derry Library so please make sure you visit and let us know what you think!  We pulled some great books to check out and just like last year, we have the Watt Checker available to check out as well.  So, see you at the meeting and then at the ‘Farm!

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  1. Ashley drive entrance to new walmart construction. Wetlands left side or roadway entrance. I was walking my dog across the road and I observed at least 7 cars and trucks stopping on the new road before leaving at 3pm. the picked up a warer spray wand and washeded their vehicles. a pump was drawing water with a hole running down the embankment. I asked a driver if the water was drawn from the wetlands and he said he thought there was a pool they had made to store water. I am there every day walking my dog and I never observed aa pool being made, I have heard the pump running after daerk. always wondered why it was running. just want tp protect our wetlands in thet Ashley work area. MY FONE IN 603 437 1708 CELL 606 548 5455

    • That is very interesting and I suggest passing that information onto the Derry Conservation Commission (DCC) or the Department of Public Works. Our wetlands do need protection and the DCC works very hard to protect them. Thank you for bringing it to their attention.