Our Bee Counters Placed 2nd in the Country!

The Buzz: Thank You!

It’s been an amazing year to observe bees. Last year’s mild winter and extended spring brought our gardens into bloom early, and our Garden Leaders were busy across the country planting sunflowers and other pollinator attractors, encouraging friends and neighbors to participate in the Great Sunflower Project by counting bee visits and sending in observations.

We’re grateful to the all our bee observers, but particular thanks goes out to our “winning” Garden Leaders and their teams:

Meredith C. and the Cox Aroboretum Volunteers in Dayton, OH with a total of 26 recorded observations, Judy F. in Derry, NH and the Derry Sunflower Project with 23 observations. Honorable mention goes out to Cat B. in San Mateo,CA and her “CuriOddessy” group, Sylvia F, and her “El Cerrito (CA) Buzzers, and the “Bees of My Friends” group led by Shelley S. in Mill Valley, CA.

We even had the participation this year from Denise Ellsworth, at Ohio State University Pollinator Lab and her students. Thanks for the many sign-ups and observations!

We will be sending you gifts as well as thanks! Our winning teams will receive the wonderful “Garden Variety Bees of North America” perpetual calendars, and, among other tokens of our appreciation, our Bumble Bee Note Cards.

These exclusive cards, with illustrations donated by Noel Pugh, show bumble bees in action. Noel’s bees, while colorful and fun are completely accurate scientifically, and compare amazingly well with the gorgeous bees we see in our gardens every day.

Dandelion and Bombus
Noel got his first taste of observing pollination and was hooked! I asked Noel about his process for creating these beautiful and special cards as a fundraiser for the Great Sunflower Project, and he said that it was his way to thank the bees!

“How can we thank the bees for all their pollination services?” asked Noel. “For me, it’s with art. I represent bees both in scientific/educational projects as well as in my personal works.” (See more of Noel’s breathtaking work here: www.fullpollenbasket.com )

You can thank the bees yourself, by ordering Noel’s beautiful note cards either to give or to keep for yourself. We like keeping some on hand to dash off a last minute note, and they make wonderful gifts.

The cards are printed on beautiful vellum card stock and each set features three bumblebee designs and contains 15 cards. They will ship in time for the holidays. A set of 15 is $15 and proceeds will enable the Great Sunflower Project to continue the important work of pollinator conservation.

They are only available on our web site. Check for details, views of the card designs and purchase information. http://www.greatsunflower.org/product/48259

Not only are these cards a way to thank our Garden Leaders this year, but we think that they are a great way to say “thank you” to the special folks in your life.

All the best,

Freddy B