It’s looking blue out there!

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have helped kick off our Derry Clean-Up Event for Earth Week!  I have participated in three clean-ups this weekend and have beeped and waved at so many other volunteers bringing out Derry’s inner beauty!  I’ve been getting emails about  common (Dunkin Donut cups, wrappers, and beer cans / bottles) and not-so-common items found (including a toilet brush, toaster oven, even Christmas trees with the lights still on them!).  But overall the response is great and we can all look at our efforts with pride.  There is still more to do – East Derry Rd is in need of some help at the east end of town and there are a few more corners that collect trash like magnets!  I hope to report a large amount of bags by next Sunday, Earth Day.

In the meantime, instead of wondering why the trash gets there, why not work toward eliminating it.  How?  By not purchasing the packaging in the first place!  Of course, the cans and bottles can be recycled and we (most of us) already do that.  But we can avoid using the disposable cups from the drive-thru if we bring our own reusable container.  Lets start today by bringing our own mugs for iced coffees and sodas! And on these hot days, that iced coffee or tea will quench that thirst.  Cheers!