It’s Blue Bag Time!

We are gearing up for a great Clean Up Week in Derry!  Already many of our local community groups have signed up and committed to cleaning up a section of Derry.  Now that the snow has FINALLY receeded, we can see what has blown out of the garbage cans and got pushed up along the sides of the roads by the snow plows.   Why not gather a small group of neighbors, get some fresh air, and pick up some trash along the way?  It ‘s a great Earth Day activity and gives kids (and grown-ups, too) a sense of  ownership and community.  We drive by  small creeks and woods in our neighborhoods without a thought as we make our way to school, work, or errands.  Lets take a break to do our twice-a-year clean up and bring out Derry’s inner beauty!

the christmas lights and toaster oven!The Transfer Station has blue bags.  All you have to do is pick up the garbage, leave the bag, and call Public Works to let them know where to pick up the filled blue bags.  Remember to wear gloves and bright colors, too.  You never know what you might find along the side of the road… maybe you’ll find something totally crazy (one year I found a toaster oven!).   If you do get a group together or have a funny find, let us know about it and we will even post pictures of your group if you like!  Most of all, Go Green Derry thanks you.