It’s Blue Bag Time Again!

The middle of Fall is definitely upon us as we rake up those leaves and put away all our summer toys!  My yard isn’t quite there yet but the kiddos and I are gearing up with friends to find places in our neighborhood to clean up before the winter snow arrives.  Yup, it means Blue Bag time: October 19 – 26!

The Derry Transfer Station has plenty of the blue trash bags available for you and a group of neighbors.  It’s really easy to help clean up Derry’s scenic roadways:

  1. Organize your group and pick a day. Share your plans for the day and the location with Go Green Derry via email

  2. When you are done, call Public Works at 603-432-6144 and let them know the location of the full blue trash bags – there is no need to bring them to the transfer station!

  3. Let us know how many bags of trash you collected and we will post the results on our website!

I personally thank you for helping keep Derry look its best!  If you can’t find the time or group to help pick up the roadsides, please wave and thank those that you see – let’s show our appreciation no matter how we can pitch in!

Of course, remember to wear gloves and bright colored clothing if you are able to clean up a roadside.  Safety first!