Intentional Living Workshop

Intentional Living Workshop
by: Jeanne Roussel

For years I have intermittently practiced living lighter, and have found my life to be richer for having done so.  In college, and later in my twenties when staying home with my growing family became a priority, finances motivated me to live more creatively within revised means. Delaying gratification for an education is the norm among students, and I embraced it without question, and later, the benefits of being home with my children offset the material sacrifices made.  I threw myself into the art of frugal homemaking and management:  I willingly hung clothes on the line, cooked from scratch, and eliminated all the budgetary items we could live without.

Our little family thrived on picnics, potlucks and domestic projects that united us in a common effort.  We were very content, and we knew it even then.  We didn’t miss a second car, convenience items and dining out once a week.  In fact, I remember one spontaneous outing we took where I had failed to plan for lunch and resorted to a burger joint. Disappointed, my kids wondered why we couldn’t do our picnic!

In short time, though, our lives have become bigger; the kids are growing and so are their interests.  Activities like scouts, music and youth group keep us on the go and my husband and I have found ourselves at the mercy of their schedules.  It has been several years since I’ve kneaded bread dough, and last summer I hung laundry exactly once, the whole time wondering why I no longer prioritized the simple pleasure of fastening a wet towel to the line.

I know I am not alone in my desire to reclaim my time, my energy, my purpose.  And so an initiative is born:  a forum for people like me who want to live thoughtfully, lightly and purposefully.  Please join me beginning  March 14 for a five week discussion course on Voluntary Simplicity.

Go Green Derry will be hosting an Intentional Living Workshop. This 5 week series will be held on Monday evenings beginning March 14th at the Marion Gerrish Community Center from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. For more information click on the Intentional Living link in the header.