Going Green for the Holidays

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday… I hope that everyone has survived the shopping weekend! There are many ways to get that perfect gift AND still Go Green for the Holidays! We at Go Green Derry would like to offer a few tips:

  • Use your reusable bags while shopping – it will cut down on your paper waste and plastic recycling.  And while your at it, wrap those presents in reusable gift bags or recycled wrapping paper (avoid the stuff with the foil as some of those products have tested positive for lead)!
  • Shop at local stores-  There are so many in Derry from food gifts at Shellie’s, Amphora, and the Coffee Factory  to specialty items from Daren’s Music, Blue Seal, Bensons, and more (just to name a few)!  And if you want to expand and support NH state small businesses, try www.goshopnh.com created by the Union Leader Corp.
  • Keep the decorations and lighting safe – Although most products no longer contain lead, unfortunately, the plastic on the lights do – and some at very high levels.  Always wash your hands after handling/hanging the lights as well as those antique and “made in China” labeled ornaments.  They have also been known to contain high levels of lead and sometimes mercury.  Shop for lights which indicate they are lead free or are RoHA (European Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified.

I hope your holidays are safe, filled with cheer from family and friends, and GREEN!