Go Derry!

Already I have seen the signs of our wonderful volunteers who are proud to live in Derry and are willing to clean up the roadsides we drive through everyday.  Just yesterday, I had to stop and say, “thank you” to a hard working helper cleaning up Cemetery Road.  I haven’t gotten out to do clean ups with my teams yet, but what a response we’ve had!  Check out the list of groups and individuals that have pledged to clean up roads in our beautiful town of Derry.  I look forward to seeing the blue bags along the road all next week.  And keep in mind that there will be people (and maybe small kiddos) along the roads cleaning up – go slow and maybe stop to say “thanks” if it is safe to do so.  On Saturday April 21st, the Knights of Columbus will have a Clean Up event at the entrance of the Transfer Station.  They will hand out bags to people who want to go clean up their neighborhoods.  And when people are done cleaning up, they will also collect the full blue bags there or you can drive them into the Transfer Station.  I am hoping to see a big pile of blue bags full of debris that would otherwise spoil our natural surroundings.  Go Derry!  This is truly a wonderful town to live in and we are showing our Derry pride!