Getting Outside, Again!

What a wonderful gift this snow was! I love the winter experience of the quiet blanket interrupted by the squeals and giggles of children sledding and making snow angels!  My kids and I took advantage of the snow to look for tracks.  Mostly we found our cat’s and dog’s prints, but we also found mouse and rabbit tracks, too!  Two Saturday’s ago, Go Green hosted a Winter Walk through Broadview Farm Conservation Area.  Although there was no snow that day, we also found evidence of local wildlife along our hike through the trails.

Whether taking a walk around the yard or through one of our many conservation properties here in Derry, all you have to do is look and listen for evidence of the other “residents”.   A really great resource to have on hand is the N.H. Animal Tracks Pocket Guide.  It is small enough to fit into your coat pocket and includes the track patterns and a 5 inch scale along the edge.

Of course, our snowy gift will likely not last past the weekend, but Spring is on its way.  The wet ground offers a great medium for muddy prints… so get outside and make some tracks of your own!