From Clean to Dirt…

So the last post about baking soda and vinegar got me thinking about dirt.  Yes, the dirt that I so long to see under all this snow!  Tis the beginning of gardening season where we think about the seeds we wish to start and the garden soil we want to ammend.  In my last post about playing in dirt and mud, I mentioned how beneficial bacteria raise seratonin levels in us, just by touching and breathing in good, healthy soil.  When the chance presents itself to grab a handful of your garden soil, you can use that baking soda and vinegar to do a quick pH test for your garden while getting a much needed boost in seratonin.  Here’s a quick pH test by the National Gardening Association of Vermont:

Ideal pH for plants is between 5.5 to 7.5.  To test for low (acidic) pH (less than 5.0), add a pinch of baking soda to 1 tablespoon of wet garden soil.  If it fizzes, then the soil is probably very acidic (below 5.0).  To test for high (alkaline) pH (above 7.5), add a few drops of white vinegar to 1 tablespood on dried garden soil.  If it fizzes, then the soil is probably very alkaline (above 7.5).

Of course, you would want to do a formal soil test to determine an exact pH, but why not have some fun getting dirty and then use the same ingredients to do a spring clean up?