Earth Week

The week has past but clean-up continues

Many people in Derry took to the streets last week to clean-up and blue bags could be seen by the side of the road all over town.

Pinkerton students from the Citizenship Committee and Go Green Club were out in force on Thursday afternoon cleaning up along the side streets down behind Porky & Petunias.  The Go Green Derry Committee would like to thank them and every citizen who took the time to make Derry a prettier place.

We would also like to extend a warm thank you to George Klauber and the Central Fire Station for posting our earth friendly messages on their sign board during Earth Week.

Due to inclement weather on Saturday the 23rd some clean-up events were postponed. The Beaver Lake Improvement Association was one such group and their around the lake clean-up will be this Saturday April 30 meeting at 9:00am at the Pond Road Bridge.