Earth Week Tip on Where to Recycle

The Transfer Station is the best place to start.

The following items can be recycled as Commingled Items: Aluminum / Tin Cans, Pie Plates, Roaster Pans, Plastic milk containers, Glass jars / bottles (all colors), Plastics with recycling symbols (#1 – #7) Please remove caps, rinse and crush. These items may be placed all together in one container.

Recycling these items saves the town money as they are hauled away at a reduced cost. The hauler then separates out the glass, aluminum and #1 & #2 plastics before disposing of the rest.

Recycling these items instead of throwing them away helps your community. But, if you really want to make a difference consider packaging when you make purchases. Refuse to bring home items packaged in non-recyclable plastics (#3-#7). Request that your leftovers be wrapped in paper, cardboard, or reusable plastic instead of styrofoam when you are at a restaurant. Bring your own reusable bag into any store and say no to plastic bags.

To find out more on what can be recycled at the transfer station.