Earth Hour


in 2 Days…

We have an opportunity to join Millions of people around the world in a show of solidarity and commitment toward solving the problem of climate change. The WWF (World Wildlife Federation) sponsors this international event where all you have to do to say “your in” is turn off your lights for one hour on Saturday March 23rd from 8:30 – 9:30 pm.

Everyone has a stake

Living sustainably is not the latest American fad, this is a world wide movement.  Just visit the website for this event and you will actually see how many different countries understand the challenges we face by the impact of overburdened resources on our planet. Then start thinking about how you can spend a hour in the dark on Saturday night. A walk in the night air gazing at the stars… a board game by candle light with family or friends… flashlight tag?  Share your ideas by commenting on this post.

Message from Andy Ridley, CEO & Co-Founder of Earth Hour

Six years ago, we started this project – Earth Hour.
It has grown to become the world’s largest mass participation event in history.
From one city to over 7,000.
From one country to seven continents.
From two million to hundreds of millions of people.
But we started Earth Hour to do more than lights off.
Earth Hour was created
    • To unite people and show our desire to protect the planet.
    • To encourage and empower people to take action beyond the hour itself
    • Create an interconnected global community and build on the momentum and action for a sustainable future

To read the entire message click here.

My favorite poster about this event.