DerryFest this Saturday

DerryFest will be held in McGregor Park this Saturday from 10am – 5pm.

Go Green Derry will be bringing back the Recyclemobile. it’s been awhile since the Recyclemobile last visited DerryFest, Have you missed it?  Do you remember seeing it at a DerryFest of yesteryear?  So why are we bringing the  recyclemobile back?  After all the Town of Derry will have recycling as well as trash bins placed around the grounds.  The Recyclemobile is paying a visit as a reminder of how important it is for every single one of us to recycle what we can’t reuse.

Did you know that Derry has one of the easiest recycling plans.  Derry employs a comingled style of recycling that means that cans, glass bottles, and plastics labeled with the recycling symbol and the numbers 1 – 7 all go in the same bucket and are sorted later. Why is it done this way? To make it easier for Derry residents to recycle.

Happy Recycling!