Derry Farmers Market and The Black Radish

Vegetables that I have never heard of intrigue me. On a recent visit to the Derry Farmers Market, I stopped by Brookford Farm’s stall and they had what looked like large black… beets? Or were they… turnips? What are they?, I asked.  It turns out that I was looking at Black Radishes and although they can be eaten raw,  they are best cooked and they are delicious. They sort of taste like a cross between a radish and a turnip. And cooking them is easy. Simply peel, slice and saute with butter (or olive oil) and some fresh garlic. Cook slowly until tender. An excellent side dish for any meal.

The next Derry Farmers Market will be on December 19th at Veterans Hall from 12pm – 4pm. For more information on Brookford Farm or Black Radishes, check out the links below.

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