Clean Up Week April 16-23

The early snow melt this year has a lot of Derry residents asking what is to be done about the litter on our roads. It is up to all of us to take pride in keeping our town pristine.

To kick off the week, join your neighbors at The Coffee Factory (55 Crystal Ave) on April 16th at 9am for a community-building event to pick up roadside litter. Go Green will provide you with bags and a map. You may choose an area of your own or ask us to assign you a road if you aren’t sure where you can help. Groups of two to five will disburse from the event to clean up their chosen or assigned area. We recommend you wear gloves and bright colors for safety. Bring a reusable mug and sign in to get a complementary cup of coffee courtesy of The Coffee Factory!

This spring clean up will run from April 16-23. Stop by the Transfer Station (43 Transfer Lane) any time during their hours of operation (Tues-Sat 7:30-3:30) for blue bags. Take a walk with a friend–filling your bags along the way–and leave them tied on the roadside. Then, call Public Works at 432-4650 to pick them up.