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Thinking about gardening… in January?

Yes, it is FRIGID outside and I can barely make a footprint in the crackly snow much less imagine a small seedling bursting through.  But it is about this time that we start thinking about our gardens and what we want to plant in them.  Why?  The seed and gardening catalogs arrived today at my house and I find they are a wonderful way to warm up with a cup of cocoa or coffee in the middle of winter.

Speaking of seeds, this week the NH House legislators voted not to support House Bill 660 which was a bill to have all foods with genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) to be labeled as such.  Without getting into the details of the bill itself, I do want to say that I expressed my voting desires to our House representatives for Derry by emailing and talking to them in person.  I encourage everyone to keep updated on matters regarding our food and encourage our Derry representatives to vote in the manner YOU would vote… not how other influences would have our representatives vote.

That being said, I think it is worth mentioning that NH ranked third in the Strolling of the Heiffers Locavore Index in 2013.   I am proud for our state but wonder what other ways we can support our local foods and farmers in Derry?  We have a wonderful Farmer’s Market now at the Upper Village Hall which hosts a large array of products from local farms!  Also, who can resist J and F’s sweet corn when that comes in season?  Let’s all try to support these local farmers, the local stores that offer their products, and enjoy our food – from seed to plate!  And why not try to grow some uber-local food right in our own backyards starting with picking out organic or heirloom seeds?  It makes me hungry just thinking about it!