Beaver Lake Boat Ramp to Close September 20

The NH State Boat Ramp on Beaver Lake will be closed on September 20th and is scheduled to be reopened on October 4th.

The state owned public boat ramp on Beaver Lake is scheduled be re-built, and modernized, as part as a program to update ramps throughout New Hampshire.  The ramp has been damaged by ice build-up over the past 10 winters.  This refurbishing effort has been complicated by the necessity to remove the “Japanese Knotweed” an invasive plant that is growing along the fence on the north side of the ramp.   NH Fish and Game is working with the NHDES and has begun the complicated removal procedure.

The ramp closure will be proceeded by a draw down of the lake. Every fall the dam is opened below Beaver Lake to draw down the lake, this gives residents an opportunity to make any shoreline repairs; and boats and docks are taken out of the water for winter storage. The annual draw down usually starts Columbus Day weekend,  however this year the draw down will begin on September 13th and it is being recommended that residents pull boats out by this date.