Beautiful Days in Derry

Just recently, my daughter, pet dog, and I went for a quick walk at Broadview Farm .  It was just too beautiful out to be stuck in the car going from store to store. So we took a quick detour onto Young Road, parked, and left our jackets in the car. If you haven’t already visited the fabulous conservation properties that Derry has to offer, then take advantage of these beautiful days to do so. The air was crisp and the sun shone beautifully on our walk along the pathways. We didn’t really talk much – we just listened to chickadees calling and the stream babbling. We also had the opportunity to meet other visitors to the “Farm”. What a quick and easy opportunity to get away from the holiday hustle! I think my daughter and Maisy (our dog) enjoyed the chance to stop our day of running errands to get out and enjoy one another and some good old fashion fresh air, too.
Well, back into the car we went and continued on our daily routine. But I will be back there again on the next day that calls me to leave the jacket in the car. And I think we might just add this to our list of things to do from now on- why not join us?

For more information about Broadview Farm, check out the Town of Derry’s website on Broadview Farm and the map below: