Battling Invasives, Again

This Fall-like weather is a good indication for us to prepare.  Even some trees and bushes are losing their vibrant green in preparation for the dormant season.  With that, we want to help those pesky invasive species to “bring down their green” with a dose of herbicide to kill them off.  Sounds horrible?  Yes, but for some invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed and Oriental Bittersweet, just leaving a little bit of the root can stimulate more growth next spring.  Therefore the best managment practice at this time is to apply (carefully) some approved herbicides  to the plant’s leaves and stumps.  It will be absorbed and as the plant prepares to “die back” and brings that herbicide down to the roots.  I want to express that we do not want to broadcast spray… there is a technique.  Aaaaand what better way to learn than from participating in our own Invasive Species Removal and Native Planting event at Shepard Park this Saturday, Sept 22nd at 9:00 AM????  Please come out and join us as we learn to identify and remove some of the invasives and replace the bare ground with native plants at one of Derry’s Conservation Areas.  Bring a pair of gloves and wear tall boots… oh and bring an appetite for donuts and coffee, too.