Are looking to make energy efficiency improvements to your home?

Visit your local utilities website to see if they are offering an incentive for the project that you have in mind.  PSNH always has some sort of rebate promotion to offer, but they don’t make it easy.

NH Utilities are currently offering a rebate worth up $4000.00 to weatherize your home.  Here is PSNH’s Program:

NH Home Performance with Energy Star
Qualified PSNH customers can receive a comprehensive “whole house” energy assessment and may receive incentives for making energy efficiency improvements.
How does the NH Home Performance with Energy Star program work?
A certified energy auditor will conduct a comprehensive “whole house” assessment of your home. The assessment is an energy and safety evaluation of the home that includes a visual inspection of lighting and appliances as well as performance testing of the ventilation and mechanical systems, building tightness, and insulation levels. Following the assessment the auditor produces a report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements.
There is a $100 audit fee (a $450 value) payable at the time of scheduling the audit. Audit fees may be refunded to customers who implement at least one recommended energy-efficiency improvement equivalent to the value of the audit.
Eligible improvements
Based on recommendations made by your auditor you may be eligible for a 50% rebate– up to $4,000 –to help you pay for the energy efficiency improvements, which could include:
  • Adding additional insulation to your attic, basement and walls
  • Sealing and insulating ductwork
  • Reducing air leaks and drafts by air sealing around windows, doors, plumbing and electrical penetrations
  • Upgrading lighting by installing compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or fixtures
  • Installing water saving devices such as faucet aerators and low flow showerheads
  • Insulating domestic hot water pipes and tanks
  • Heating system replacements.
Following a review of your auditor’s recommendations, you can choose to contract directly with your auditor to install the improvements. Improvements must be installed by the program auditor to qualify for incentives. PSNH conducts random inspections of contractor work to help insure quality installations.
Apply for the program
Customers whose homes meet the qualifying Home Heating Index (HHI) energy use rating are eligible to participate in the program. See the eligibility requirement to obtain a rating of your home. Note: You will need one year of fuel bill history and the square footage of your home to determine your eligibility and to submit an application.
Customers applying by phone (1-800-662-7764) will be screened for their HHI. Qualified customers will be mailed a copy of their HHI score along with an application that must be completed and returned to PSNH.
Customers accepted into the program will be required to submit two years of fuel bills and their home’s square footage with their application.
This program is available to customers owning or renting an existing home, or owning or renting in an existing 1-4 unit apartment building in the PSNH service territory.
Note: Program details and incentives are subject to change without prior notice.
(*) National Grid natural gas customers should call 1-800-860-0815 to inquire about their weatherization program services.

This week I was handed a flyer promoting the current rebate being offered by NH utilities if you weatherize your home.  The flyer was put out by Next Step Living, a company from Massachusetts offering to do the work and help you get the rebate. I am sure that you could work directly with your utility or find a NH contractor but I would certainly consider taking a look at this company as they specialize in making homes more energy efficient.

Next Step Living is a qualified HPw/ES contractor and the following information can be found on their website.

NH Home Performance with Energy Star

If you live in a 1-4 unit building and are a PSNHUnitil and/or New Hampshire Electric Co-op customer, you are likely eligible for the rebates detailed below.

NH HPw/ES Incentive Structure
  • Home energy assessment: $100 co-pay (co-pay put towards the cost of any deeper work performed)
  • 50% instant rebate for air sealing and insulation ($4,000 maximum rebate)

The NH utilities require that all potential residents go through a screening process in order to assess home energy consumption and we will help you through the initial steps of this online qualification process.  A majority of homes will meet the eligibility requirements, however 2 years of fuel usage data is required to complete the screening process.