April is Earth Month

April has finally arrived and with the sun shining, too!  This month is notorious for it’s silly pranks and showers.  But, April is also the host of Earth Day on the 22nd.  Why not dedicate the entire month to celebrate our living Earth by keeping it clean and spending time enjoying its beauty?

Go Green Derry hosts two town clean-ups every year.  It is often thought of as “blue-bag time”.  This year, our Spring clean-up is from April 12th to April 19th.  Many community organizations participate (Derry Knights of Columbus, Derry Garden Club, Derry Environmental and Energy Advisory Council, Professional Martial Arts, Beaver Lake Improvement Association, just to name a few).  Schools, scouts, and places of worship have also formed clean-up crews in the past, too!

Let’s spend some quality time outdoors, enjoy the sun and warm temperatures, and bring out Derry’s inner beauty!