America Recycles Day – Month???

It’s November and I’m not sure about you, but wow, has the time gone by so fast!  Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’Easter have made us very busy and now that I go outside to look around, I sense the holidays are upon us!  One of the many events in this month is America Recycles Day which is officially on the 15th.  But why focus just on that Thursday?  Lets get ourselves to consider packaging and recycling in preparation for the  major holidays heading our way?  Here are a few helpful tips to reduce your trash and increase recycling:

  • Consider all the plasticware and packaging when you purchse those disposable extras for the Thanksgiving holiday. Buy only those items made already from recycled material or that can be easily recycled (has a recycling symbol on it).
  •  Make sure you set up a visible (and well marked) recycling bin next to the trash can during your gatherings.  Research shows that having a trash bin next to a well marked recycling bin (with clear signage of what is to go in) increases the recycling and decreases contamination (trash in the recycling bin and visa versa).
  • Here in Derry, we are collecting aluminum drinking containers (cans) separately.  Collect those and bring them in to help the transfer station MAKE money 🙂
  • While food scraps from plates should go in the trash, consider all those food preparation scraps (peels of carrots, celery leaves, potato peels).  Those make for a great compost.  And composting is EASY.  The bin is probably the biggest upfront cost (maybe 60 dollars?) but toss in all those veggie scraps (nothing citrus or any meat/fats) along with shredded paper or paper towels (that do not have any fats/meats on them).  You will be amazed at how fewer garbage bags you produce!

This time of year keeps us busy, so lets get busy recycling!