A New Year and a Green Goal.

No doubt you’ve made some resolutions for 2014 as I have, too. Though this year, I asked my kiddos to just tell us one goal they want to accomplish this year. Not a promise to change, but rather an achievement that they can realistically reach. Top of the list? Learning how to ice skate and achieving karate belts. My goal was similar, focusing on a skill for horseback riding. But it occurred to me on these snow days (and forced to clean my home) that I should make a Green Goal this year. Sure, we compost, eat as much organic or local foods as we can, and recycle… just as many of you already do, too. But what goals can I realistically incorporate that I haven’t already? I checked around the regular “green” sites for some inspiration and found a few. But none are directed to the town of Derry – and that is when I realized my new goal. To blog more often focusing on what we can do as a community for the town of Derry! So I ask, what goals can you set for yourself that not only green your home, but your town as well?
Here are some of my suggestions:
1. Attend a Go Green Meeting – we meet the second Thursday of every month at the Derry Municipal Center in room 207 at 7 pm. We love to hear from residents what we can do to help Derry be more Green!
2. Read one of the books on our Book List at the Derry Library – and let us know what you think about the book and if you have other suggestions!
3. Attend one of our fun outings! We have our Snow Shoe Event in February and Conservation Area Walks from May to September! It is a great way to get out and enjoy parts of Derry’s natural environment for FREE!
4. Come see to our workshops on composting, rain barrel making, or documentary viewing.
Whatever you choose to do, let us know what you’ve accomplished, and help us make Derry and even better (and greener) place to live!
Happy New Year!