A Day in Nature for the Boys & Girls Club

Want to see kids have fun? Let them explore nature.

This week Go Green Derry’s, Judy Follo along with Paula Frank spent some time talking and playing games with some children at the Boys and Girls Club. The focus, Bugs… or rather baby bugs (larvae) and how their presence in a stream can indicate whether a stream is healthy or may be polluted.  Next the children went on a field trip to the Doolittle Conservation Area and Manter Brook. Here they went on a bug hunt; searching the stream bed, they found many of the baby bugs they had learned about as being found in a healthy stream. But they also discovered a lot more… crayfish, a pickerel, a frog, and a very big spider.  Now, I had been to this spot with a group of adults at last months conservation walk, but it wasn’t until I went with a bunch of amazing kids that I learned how much life can be found in a small quiet brook.

Many thanks, to Ed, Jen, Mike and the rest of the staff at the Boys and Girls Club for giving us the opportunity to share a bit of nature with the kids.