5 Money Free Ways to Go Green

DoYourPart.com founder Terry Bennett shares

Go Green For Free: How To Make Eco-Friendly Life Changes Without Spending Money with the Huffington Post. I think these are worthwhile tips and wanted to share them here.

water_bottle-300x300#1: Stop buying water.  We recently hosted a screening of the movie “Tapped” which offered several reasons why consuming water in onetime use plastic bottles is bad for the environment and for us.

#2: Sell the small stuff.  Unwanted electronics can be sold or donated, even if they don’t work. These items are bought buy those that can repurpose, or recycle the items. Schools often have programs where they collect old sell phones and in turn make money for the school.

#3: Refuse to waste gas. A properly maintained vehicle and prudent driving offer the best gas efficiency with any vehicle.

#4: Put an end to paper towels. Using rags and dish towels is far more cost effective. You can save money and the environment by making the switch.

#5: Lighten your laundry’s load. Using cold water for laundry will save on energy. Using a drying rack for fast drying items can also save on your electric bill, drying less items, saves time and money.

If you can think of other ways to save money while being green share it here.


  1. Another good idea!

    Going somewhere?
    Your weekly challenge from Practically Green is to get rid of that extra baggage. Most of us keep numerous items in our cars, and according to the Department Of Energy, 100 pounds of extra weight in your trunk could reduce your gas mileage by 2 percent. And don’t forget about what’s on top of your car; those Yakima and Thule roof racks create serious drag! http://bit.ly/HYkHoM