18 Gather at Shepard for Invasive Clean-up

Ready for Work

A group of eighteen gathered at Shepard Conservation Area to give Mother Nature a helping hand. Three hours and three hundred native trees later we are finished for the day, all hoping that our seedlings will prosper amongst the dead branches of oriental bittersweet.

Dr. Leonard Lord

Leonard Lord, PhD from the Rockingham County Conservation District brought the equipment and the trees, native trees from the state nursery. He also conducted a brief workshop, explaining the project and showing us the different types of invasive plants we would encounter.

The most prevalent invasive that we encountered was Oriental Bittersweet.  The is a vine that wraps itself around native trees and chokes them so their leaves wont grow, allowing more sunlight for the invasive.

Bringing down the bittersweet

The Conservation Commission would like to Thank all that came out to lend a hand.


Hard at work planting