As of this afternoon, we have collected 24 bags of roadside trash this week.  I like that this number is small, but I’m afraid that it isn’t because there is a lack of trash on the roadsides… rather I think we’ve been waiting out the rain!  I will continue to work in some areas around my neighborhood with my kiddos in tow, and I am happy to say that this afternoon, our regular clean-up crew collected only one bag at the same location where last spring we collected four!  Maybe this cleaning up IS making a difference!

We do want to continue stressing that aluminum cans are SO valuable for the Town of Derry as the Transfer Station collects them and makes money through direct recycling rather than comingling!  So please separate your aluminum cans and bring them to the Transfer Station yourself knowing that you are helping the town with much needed revenue.

We look forward to more Blue Bags!!!