Town Wide Clean Up Week October 7th-14th

What to Gather

  1. First grab a friend!
  2. Gloves are a must and long pants and sleeves are preferable. Bright colors are also helpful if you plan to clean up near a road.
  3. Blue bags are available at the Transfer Station. You can pick them up anytime leading up to and all throughout Clean Up Week.

What to Do

  1. Choose your area and go enjoy the fresh air. Be safe and smart. Stay aware near roadways and never pick up any sharp, potentially dangerous items.
  2. Tie your blue bags off when they are full, and leave them right on the side of the road.
  3. Call Public Works at 432-6144 to let them know where your bags are. There are lots of hard working folks in the Public Works department who help make this week possible.
  4. Spread the word! Discuss your experience with friends and family. We can all make small dents to make a big impact.

Go Green will have a kick off event on October 7th a 9am at The Coffee Factory. We will be handing out blue bags and taking signups. This is a great event if you would like to learn more about Derry’s clean up efforts or find out what area you can cover to help make the biggest impact.